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JAMES B. FLAHERTY | Screenwriter. Novelist. Wordsmith.
JAMES B. FLAHERTY | Screenwriter. Novelist. Wordsmith.


Yes, I know every genre has a market. Whether it’s fantasy or filth, slapstick or spaceships, there’s someone waiting for a ticket. But there’s another massive market out there—the ones who watch My Fair Lady or Sabrina or Sleepless in Seattle over and over--or cheered for Rocky and were lost in Ray Millan’s Lost Weekend. In other words, films and TV series that speak to real people. I’ve instructed young writers to study Aaron Sorkin’s West Wing. You live with those people. As the prototype (but much better behaved) MadMan, I made money creative directing and writing for products and services. I reinvented the Avon Lady, and put Revlon’s Ultima cosmetics in every high-end handbag. Smirnoff Vodka was on every bar, and with jovial Robert Morley kept British Airways full---even those supersonic Concord flights. My words and point of view made money for Ford, Pan Am and Kodak when I headquartered in Buenos Aires. And my writing help create my own iffy venture—a splendidly beautiful country inn and conference retreat in the middle of nowhere. It was remarkably successful.

But now I need You.  Yes, You, the Agent, the TV Producer, the Publisher, who will easily see either of my novels, which are a good read, as a full-length film or long-running TV series. Before sharing some other profitable offspring with you, I’d like to introduce both novels: There are six very big reasons THE ROLE OF A LIFETIME would be incredibly appealing on a movie or TV screen--Six major women characters.  Of course there are some gents, too, but the heroes of both of my novels are women.  The unlikely star of ROLE is Bethel, a girl from nowhere with nothing.  There are lots of Bethels out there.  But my Bethel had the balls, yeah, the balls, the gall and the guts, plus a strong enough dream in her head to create a new Bethel—excuse me, she created an extraordinary woman named Bettina. Bettina walked differently, spoke differently, yep, Role Playing. That’s something we all do at some point in our lives. But Bettina was playing a role that would never have a closing night, a final curtain.

Download Free Sample: THE ROLE OF A LIFETIME... A Woman Reinvents Herself ... for Good ... and Bad! by James B. Flaherty

Download Free Sample: THE ROLE OF A LIFETIME... A Woman Reinvents Herself ... for Good ... and Bad! by James B. Flaherty

Then I wrote: CLARE: WIFE, MOTHER, MISTRESS … Murderer? It is NOT a murder mystery, even though you or any man might consider murder if it would buy Clare’s total devotion. She does NOT have to re-invent herself. She’s every woman’s dream—smart, successful and beyond beautiful. Are all her decisions as flawless as her look? Well, no. especially her choice of men. Not all were bad. Remember that old term, Head over Heels—that’s one of the guys. Again, like THE ROLE OF A LIFETIME, CLARE reminds you how smart women are in creating a circle of friends who make all the difference when you’ve been dealt a bad hand.

Download Free Sample: CLARE: WIFE, MOTHER, MISTRESS... Murderer? by James B. Flaherty


Okay, enough of my novels and their profit potential. I’d like to tell you about a non-fiction property that could easily have a HUGE RETAIL LIFE, but also has the wherewithal to have a long productive life on TV.


It’s kind of a Memoir. All my adult life, I’ve been fortunate (blessed?) to have much Older Friends. And I mean 20 to 50 years older. People who advised me (and I listened) applauded my decisions (when no one else did), lovingly criticized me—and made it good to be Jim. You’ll meet some of these wonderful people. And you’ll also understand how DEAR OLD FRIENDS serves nicely as a self-help stimulant for elders. It will remind them although we all have to bear the demands of aging bodies, that we are only as old as we think we are. DEAR OLD FRIENDS is ready for publication! Not overly lengthy, more like 120 easy-to-read pages, over-flowing with love and humor and ideas to remind people that today is the oldest they’ve ever been, and the youngest they’ll ever be—so they better make the most of it! Millions (not thousands, millions) of people could and should benefit from its friendly advice.

Besides DEAR OLD FRIENDS, I have a new friend that has me all excited. Suddenly, and it was suddenly, I saw a TV series being produced in my head, interrupting other creative obligations because it is so wonderfully right for this age and time—a series that would leave casting directors moist (forgive me, I didn’t mean to flirt). I’m writing the PILOT and I know—not think, but know—it would run forever or my name isn’t Aaron Sorkin. Oh, God, I wish I were Aaron Sorkin. He seduced me into writing for TV. And novelists Elizabeth Gilbert and Elizabeth Berg and Pat Conroy all had their way with me. I read most of their books a couple of times before anointing my keyboard with their wisdom guiding me.

So, I’ll repeat what I said in the beginning. There’s Art and there’s Profits. Not all writers produce commercially profitable novels/scripts/ideas—I do—and would like to work with you. Write me at: talktome@jamesbflaherty.com, or give me a call at: 212-457-4097 (EST). Thanks for listening today. I’ve enjoyed every minute of letting you see what’s inside of my head. Do you read me? All best, Jim.

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