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JAMES B. FLAHERTY | Screenwriter. Novelist. Wordsmith.
JAMES B. FLAHERTY | Screenwriter. Novelist. Wordsmith.


Okay, I’ll stop kidding around. But very possibly we could be a profitable team. I always made money as a writer, whether I was creative directing (and writing) advertising for high-end cosmetics (Revlon’s Ultima) or making the Avon Lady welcome in many countries, or keeping Smirnoff Vodka as the #1 choice on everyone’s bar, or convincing Americans (with the smiling help of lovable Robert Morley) to fly British Airways Jets (including the Concord). “Do come aboard. We’re serving parsley sandwiches with tea today.” I even made money for my clients in Buenos Aires: Ford, Pan Am, Kodak. Then used my writing skills to promote my own business, an iffy venture at best, a splendidly beautiful country inn and executive conference center in the middle of nowhere. It was remarkably successful.

But now I need You.  Yes, You, the Agent, the TV Producer, the Publisher, who will easily see either of my novels, which are a good read, as a full-length film or long-running TV series. Before sharing some other profitable offspring with you, I’d like to introduce both novels: There are six very big reasons THE ROLE OF A LIFETIME would be incredibly appealing on a movie or TV screen--Six major women characters.  Of course there are some gents, too, but the heroes of both of my novels are women.  The unlikely star of ROLE is Bethel, a girl from nowhere with nothing.  There are lots of Bethels out there.  But my Bethel had the balls, yeah, the balls, the gall and the guts, plus a strong enough dream in her head to create a new Bethel—excuse me, she created an extraordinary woman named Bettina.

Download Free Sample: THE ROLE OF A LIFETIME... A Woman Reinvents Herself ... for Good ... and Bad! by James B. Flaherty

Download Free Sample: THE ROLE OF A LIFETIME... A Woman Reinvents Herself ... for Good ... and Bad! by James B. Flaherty


Bettina walked differently, spoke differently, yep, Role Playing. That’s something we all do at some point in our lives. But Bettina was playing a role that would never have a closing night, a final curtain.

Then I wrote: CLARE: WIFE, MOTHER, MISTRESS … Murderer? It is NOT a murder mystery, even though you or any man might consider murder if it would buy Clare’s total devotion. She does NOT have to re-invent herself. She’s every woman’s dream—smart, successful and beyond beautiful. Are all her decisions as flawless as her look? Well, no. especially her choice of men. Not all were bad. Remember that old term, Head over Heels—that’s one of the guys. Again, like THE ROLE OF A LIFETIME, CLARE reminds you how smart women are in creating a circle of friends who make all the difference when you’ve been dealt a bad hand.

Download Free Sample: CLARE: WIFE, MOTHER, MISTRESS... Murderer? by James B. Flaherty


Okay, enough of my novels and their profit potential. I have two non-fiction properties which could easily have a HUGE RETAIL LIFE, but also have the wherewithal to have a long productive life on TV.

I think you’ll like the titles: DEAR OLD FRIENDS . . . "Stay Young, Stop Thinking Yor Age, and Love Life Every Day" - and - EMBRACE YOUR AGE . . ."You Can Be Better Than Ever". Xo, Jim

Both are kind of Memoirish. I was blessed to have much older friends who advised me—and I listened. DEAR OLD FRIENDS pays them back. And in my newest book, EMBRACE YOUR AGE, I tackled aging fears head on, and offer all kinds of friendly but pointed guidance for being a better friend, mate, parent---even employee. I ask questions: Do you think you’re old? Are you someone worth looking up to? Do you know where your nearest psychiatrist is? (Check your bathroom.) You’ll understand how both books serve as a stimulant for Elders to stop retreating and to Embrace the miracle of life, every day. If you don’t need this kind of loving guidance, someone you know does. And remember this: At this very moment, you are the oldest you’ve ever been, and the youngest you’ll ever be—so let’s not waste the day, shall we?

Besides DEAR OLD FRIENDS and EMBRACE YOUR AGE, I have a new friend that has me all excited. Suddenly, and it was suddenly, I saw a TV series being produced in my head, interrupting other creative obligations because it is so wonderfully right for this age and time—a series that would leave casting directors moist (forgive me, I didn’t mean to get seductive again). "I’ve written the pilot—the Bible is ready.” And I know, not think, but know it could run forever, or my name isn’t Aaron Sorkin. Oh, God, I wish I were Aaron Sorkin. He seduced me into writing for TV. And novelists Elizabeth Gilbert and Elizabeth Berg and Pat Conroy all had their way with me. I read most of their books a couple of times before anointing my keyboard with their wisdom guiding me.

So, I’ll repeat what I said in the beginning. There’s Art and there’s Profits. Not all writers produce commercially profitable novels/scripts/ideas—I do—and would like to work with you. Write me at: talktome@jamesbflaherty.com, or give me a call at: 212-547-4097 (EST). Thanks for listening today. I’ve enjoyed every minute of letting you see what’s inside of my head. All best, Jim.

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