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Summary of DEAR OLD FRIENDS: "Stay Young, Stop Thinking Old, And Love Your Life Every Day."
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DEAR OLD FRIENDS IS A LOVING REMINDER you don't stop playing because you got old--you got old because you stopped playing (and laughing, learning, creating, and living). Besides a Happy Memoir from an author who wrote this book at age 44 and 86—I’m serious about that--DEAR OLD FRIENDS was originally a love letter to all the wonderful, much older friends who pushed, criticized, and praised me—but mainly made it good to be Jim, and to trust my own decisions—even some of the slightly crazy ones. All those dear and wonderful people made my life so much more worthwhile, enjoyable, and meaningful.

Suddenly, now 86 years young, finding myself a DEAR OLD FRIEND to many younger folks (anyone younger than my 60-year-old children), I felt qualified to share some loving advice for aging magnificently. You’ll want to read it and want all your Dear Old Friends--not just your parents--to read, smile, learn and think about how satisfying it is to make every day better, and how to be a better Mate, Parent, Grandparent or Friend. As I remind my new friends, Today is the Oldest you've ever been--and the Youngest you'll ever be--so let's make today great.

Not everyone understands you’re only as old as you think. And even though this friendly book doesn’t avoid admitting the dissonance of age, it hopefully makes people realize these later years can be terrific—that every day is a miracle to embrace. So . . . may I have the next dance?

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XO, Jim.



"DEAR OLD FRIENDS" - Stay Young, Stop Thinking Old, And Love Your Life Every Day. - Written by James B. Flaherty


Download Free Sample: DEAR OLD FRIENDS: Stay Young, Stop Thinking Old and Love Your Life Everyday


Buy and Listen to "Dear Old Friends" - Stay Young, Stop Thinking Old, And Love Your Life Every Day - by Author and Novelist James B. Flaherty.


Imagine the honor of being able to live and work within your passion. That’s my life. Besides earning a living at the keyboard, I’ve had the absolute joy of creating three books. The first two are novels—birth, death, romance, sex, Broadway, travel, marriage, divorce, high and low life—wonderful stories to curl up with or enjoy someday on the big screen or TV. And more recently, a non-fiction book that speaks directly to Dear Old Friends, and lovingly, but pointedly, reminds them today is the oldest & youngest they’ll ever be. Keep going. . .

Imagine being able to re-invent yourself.  A new face, a new vocabulary, a new point-of-view, even a new history.  Exit Bethel Sokoloff, enter Bettina Marshton. She worked very very hard to inhabit the new skin she invented, to speak the new language, i.e., Fluid-Privileged, to wear the clothes Bethel never even considered, to walk their walk.  The net net?  The girl who’s no one from nowhere becomes the golden girl, married to a princely type, the world, even Broadway, at her feet.  She will be enveloped in love and passion and loss and betrayal.  And because she’s a scam, she’s easily scammed.  There are big hurdles—a frosty blue-blooded mother-in-law, who finds Bettina too practiced, too rehearsed.  She questions Bettina’s background, her naivete.

When Bettina finds true love, if indeed she can recognize true love, can she keep it?  Is “I will love you forever” long enough?  Bettina is a dream creation, likeable, loveable, infuriating, amazing.  Besides untold wealth, and all that it provides (and demands) there is travel at the highest level, and three men, each of whom who would give his life for her.  When her world comes crashing down around her, who will matter?  Who?  The women who have become her friends.  There’s nothing stronger than the friendship of women.  Her new life is a roller-coaster of dazzle and disaster.  There’s a loving friend, Lisa, whose humor and adoring friendship helps carry her through the worst of the worst.   You will be proud of “Bettina,”  at times dismayed, but never bored.  Look into her lives and loves and louses, and try to walk in her shoes.  Could you play that role? And of course, like all of us … aren’t you playing a role?  THE ROLE OF A LIFETIME.

THE ROLE OF A LIFETIME - Novel by James B. Flaherty

Download Free Sample: THE ROLE OF A LIFETIME... A Woman Reinvents Herself ... for Good ... and Bad! by James B. Flaherty

Download Free Sample: THE ROLE OF A LIFETIME... A Woman Reinvents Herself ... for Good ... and Bad! by James B. Flaherty

Summary of CLARE: WIFE, MOTHER, MISTRESS... Murderer?

In today’s world, there are many wildly successful women. Imagine how much more difficult it was for them to shoulder all the requirements of being 1. A wife  2. A mother  3. A human in her own right  4. And then, on top of it all, a successful executive in the edgy world of the stock market.

Clare O’Brady Glickman was all of that and more. She’s terrific. Besides her finely tuned mind, it doesn’t hurt that she’s drop-dead beautiful.  All the parts work—her smile warms a room, her eyes see and understand everything. Her friends and clients adore her, even her employees love her. And her Mother (wish we all had a mother like hers) worships her beautiful daughter.  You’ll like her Mother, too. Not just growing old gracefully, she’s discovered a passion—no, not that kind of passion—but standing at an easel—and she’s honestly talented.

Back to Clare:  This is a woman who’s made so many of the Right Decisions, it’s hard to understand how and why she would be married to a man like Richard. Her taste and gentility was often overshadowed by his vulgarity and lack of humanity.

One man, you’ll like him, has loved Clare since she was a newcomer to the exhausting and exhilarating world of Manhattan, where her feminine appeal didn’t always lead
her down the safest, calmest streets. You’ll get to know Carl very well, and learn to count on his obviously heartfelt feelings for Clare. Can one care too much?  Ask Carl.

You’ll enjoy a brief escape visit with Clare to the lush tropical charm of the Virgin Islands, where fate introduces her to a terrific woman. Rita is her name, and she’s actually as likeable as Clare. She’s beautiful, successful, a devoted heart-and-soul mother, and becomes the love interest of a sweet guy, Gordon, who accidentally fell head-over-heels-out-of-his-mind in love with Clare.

Where?  In a flawless country inn while visiting England’s romantic lake district. Gordon doesn’t score romantically, but he does leave a smiling memory of his face & personality with Clare. Turns out, Gordon, like Clare, is a Wall Streeter.

Meanwhile, life goes on in Manhattan.  And Clare is subject to Richard at his worst, in a restaurant, with some despicable people at their table.  Words, nasty ones at that, are exchanged, the net net has Clare walking out. To any observer, had you heard the language thrown across the table, you would not be surprised to learn Clare was the main suspect when Richard was found murdered the next day.

Court cases bring out the best and the worst of everyone. Clare felt fortunate with her attorneys, the very best the loving Carl could find.  And there were many surprises, some bad, some remarkably good as the various witnesses took the stand. Maybe there will be a new realization, a new discovery.  And there were.

The court cases also attract people you might not expect. When one of the “despicables” from that night took the stand, Clare trembled. But what happens when beautiful, appealing people meet? Can common sense smother the emotional fireworks?

I hope you will open your hearts and minds to Clare and Carl and Rita and Gordon, as they search for the right path to his or her promised land—a jail cell? Or maybe a bed?

Come be part of her life… CLARE: WIFE, MOTHER, MISTRESS… Murderer?

CLARE: Wife, Mother, Mistress... Murderer? - Novel my James B. Flaherty

Download Free Sample: CLARE: WIFE, MOTHER, MISTRESS... Murderer? by James B. Flaherty


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